Job Stories : The job to be done alternative to user’s Strories

This is an interesting article that focus on an aspect of the Job-to-be-done: how to frame the research work to discover what is the actual job your customers are trying to accomplish. The article counter the traditional approach of writing user stories. Normally in the product design process designers, product mangers and marketers  come up with a user story. The fallacy with this approach is that the team defines both the when and how the problem is going to be solved. By doing so the user story relays on too many assumption that may reveal wrong. The Alan Klement suggests a different concept : Job stories. Job Stories are user-centric and defined by the context, the need and the expected outcome that govern the sequence of actions taken by a user. At innotelligence we believe that the research element of product design and service design needs to be as factual based as possible. Most companies fails to innovate because they make wrong assumptions and build their products around expected user behavior entirely defined by their competitors’ product features.

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