"The best teacher is very interactive!" Bill Gates


For interactive interfaces we allude to the variety of human machine interactive interfaces capable to help users across a wide range of business functions and markets. These interactive interfaces are designed to accomplish jobs and to satisfy needs. Here at Innotelligence, we believe the future of Human machine interaction is going to be intelligent, contextualized and emotionally driven.  Our focus is primarily on internet and mobile technologies, however our findings can be used in a variety of other industries including medical, logistic and defense. Our life is increasingly becoming cluttered with an overwhelming flow of information and with products and services that are becoming increasingly complex and offer crowded user interfaces. Interactive interfaces,  intelligently recommend users information or offer calls to action that are highly contextual and needed for the user to accomplish a task.  The interface design starts from a deep analysis of the job to be done and the business model the venture is trying to develop.  These information are distilled into an interactive user experience automated with contextually and emotionally aware computer algorithms.


To understand how interactive interfaces helps increase productivity in the business environment it is best to look at specific situations. Suppose for example that a service engineer is on the field and seek to diagnostic and repair an electrical machinery. He has a smart phone from which he can look at the machine and bunch of augmented reality diagnostic emerge on the smartphone interface to help him understand the status. A comparative analysis is run by the application ad a number of possible problem solutions are than, and only than, recommended back to the engineer, if needed  the same info can be send and shared to other co-workes who can help determine the course of action. The natural work flow for the engineer would have been to take info on the ground, call a pear, find out about solutions, find out if the repair can be done on site and if yes how to provision the needed parts and whether the parts are available and in stock. The fundamental job of the engineer does not change, but intelligent user interfaces can help contextualize and accelerate the work of the engineer in a way such the decision making remains on the human level but the analysis of the context and the ability to provide options at the right time in the workflow resides at the interactive interface.


One problem we have worked substantially,  is the interplay between content delivery and user interaction. Use interacts when the value exchange between the cost of interaction and the benefit of interacting leans toward interaction. The levers of interaction can be information discovery, narcissism, social discovery and emotional pleasure from gaming experiences. The costs of interaction are experience disruption, fear of judgment, cognitive biases and perception of complication.  We have studied a number of emerging business models in mobile video, online video, video and audio advertising and found interesting recurring patterns in adoption and interaction service design. More on our university section or one of our satellite ventures.


Interactive interfaces can be harnessed to move the willingness of a user to interact and refer or recommend your venue within his/her networks. The most known referral action is the “FB like” and all the copy cuts that have derived from it. However, in this section we allude to interaction design that leverages the knowledge of your user to target only a sub-sector of his/her network that the user judges more likely to be interested. We have pioneered video interactive techniques combined with the use of SAAS. These techniques instigate referral behavior as well as action taking. Our articles in the university section covers this aspect in more details.

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